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Joel Graham - Personal Trainer & Online Coach

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Hi, I am Joel!

Certified Personal Trainer & Online Coach

I am an personal Trainer and online coach based in Herefordshire. 


I am a evidence based trainer with great strategies to get you into shape, improve fitness, or building muscle mass.


Firstly, I like to thank Joel for all his mega hard work & dedication for each & every one of his clients. 


Having not done any kind of training/exercise for over 10 years myself, I know how hard it is to start from the bottom, but with Joels constant motivation in his 1:1 sessions & group training sessions, Ive been able to reach my goal of losing weight (over 14lbs), but more importantly, Joel has helped to change my mindset of poor eating habits and shown me how enjoyable & addictive training can be. 

So whatever your age/abilities/strengths or weakness are...Joel is the one to help you achieve your goals, can’t recommended him enough 💪🏻 


I never used to enjoy working out I hated it . I could never find a class I enjoyed , I never stuck to a gym. Since starting sessions with Joel Im feeling so different about it . He makes all the classes fun , we laugh a lot . I don’t feel uncomfortable, or silly .


He makes you feel so motivated , with patience and encouragement..  I see results with my shape it’s hard work but it’s paying off .. 


I was always sceptical of personal trainers, as I thought a lot of them were just doing it to over charge people to make money, but since being with Joel for almost 2/3 months now he has completely changed my mind!

He's made me feel more confident and comfortable with using the machines and is always pushing me to do more weight as he knows I have it in me and I really respect him for that.
I'm a lot more confident in myself and I've seen a massive difference, I never thought I'd be able to lift/push the weights I'm able to do now, and it's all thanks to Joel. 

We always have a good laugh and I highly recommend him as a PT! 

P.S snails are NOT worms 🐌

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