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I can’t remember when it first started to hit me that I had a weight problem, I’ve been gradually
getting bigger over several years but, in 2018 I broke my leg in 3 places and, during my recovery and
the following months my weight jumped from a chunky 11 stone to over 12 stone.
I tried every diet under the sun, some were reasonably successful, some were just too disgusting
(thinking about kale juice still makes me gag!) but whatever I lost soon went back on again. I couldn’t
understand why this was happening. I wasn’t eating any more than before and I was doing the same
amount of exercise. 

I met Joel on my first visit to Puregym. If the thought of joining the gym was scary, having a personal trainer was
on a completely different level. I agreed to a trial session with Joel and It would be no exaggeration
to say that that was one of the best decisions of my life. We hit it off immediately, he seemed to
know exactly how I felt and he gave me so much encouragement that everything seemed possible.
Joel is such a likeable person that I found myself wanting to hit my goals for him as much as myself.
He has so much faith in me that my confidence grows with every session. He knows just how much
to push me to get results but not so much that I feel overwhelmed.
I have now lost 23lbs since we started working together. I intend to lose another 15lbs to hit my
target of 9 stone. I have good weeks and bad weeks but I know that I’m on the right track and that
Joel will get me there.



I have underlying health conditions which make it very difficult along with poor eating habits and lifestyle choices.. Having your support and guidance has made it a lot easier for me to stick to the diets and exercises you have given me... And I know i will now stick to it as I dont want to regain all that weight’



Joel is the best personal trainer I have had. He’s made me body confident and confident in the gym. His sessions are hard working but fun and enjoyable. I started with Joel in October 2019 where I was doing a hour a week with him. Starting in 2020 I have progressed to three hours a week with Joel and have noticed the difference massively. He has helped me tone and loose fat off my body with high intensity training and weight training. Not only has he helped me lose weight but he has helped me be more confident in my own skin. 
I can’t thank Joel enough for all the effort he puts in with me and every single client he works with. He gives me nutritional plans and home workouts and checks in daily to see how I’m doing. He is focused, hard driven and loves what he does to help achieve clients goals. I can’t wait to carry on with more PT sessions and see where my fitness journey takes me.

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